Comfortable, breathable material
that molds to your body

Designed for everyday carry

Comfortable, breathable material that molds to your body

Versatile to handle subcompact through full size and revolvers

Ambidextrous to adapt to your carry preference

Adjustable Ankle Holster with Magazine Pouch.


Comfortable fit and breathable when you are jogging, walking, and exercising.

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We stand behind our belly band holsters with great confidence that you will be happy with your purchase.

Our Holsters Fit Most Size Firearms

Full Size


Sub Compact


Belly Band Ankle Holster with Retention Strap.

what customers say about us



Comfortable to wear, I carry mine a bit higher up on my ribs and it works great. 

- Johnathan K.



I’m a bigger guy and I was worried it wouldn’t fit me, but its worked great so far.

- Daniel M.



It fits nice and tight across my waist and it doesn’t move around a lot which makes it easier to conceal. A bargain for the quality of it. 

- T. J.

Black Ankle Holster with Retention Strap.

Why THE ANKLE holster?

The Ankle Holster is a concealed carry holster that provides comfort and functionality while keeping your gun close and safe. Adjustable to your size for the best fit and compatible with most carry options, our holsters can be worn with any outfit without restricting movement. This holster is designed for comfortable, everyday carry and is backed by our exclusive warranty.



One Size Fits Most:

Expandable, Adjustable Elastic Band

Easily Fits:

Most Ankle Sizes

Large Capacity Pouch

Keeps Your Weapon Secured

Concealed Adjustable Ankle Holster.

Hot deal

Black Ankle Holster with Retention Strap.



Most popular

Black Ankle Holster with Retention Strap.



best value

Black Ankle Holster with Retention Strap.




Frequently Asked Questions

The Ankle Holster allows for carrying of the following: Full-size, Compact, Sub Compact, and Revolvers. Our compact holster allows for security and comfortability.

We firmly believe in the excellence of our product, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased. Our product is created from top-notch materials with exceptional craftsmanship. If it doesn’t perform as intended, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or submit a claim, and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s right. Warranty protections begin on the day of your product purchase. Please note, however, that the warranty does not extend to claims arising from customer-induced damage, excessive use or misuse, or improper storage or handling.

As your holster is made from elastic, soft breathable material, it’s safe to clean with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they could damage the fabric. Gently scrub the holster, paying special attention to areas that are often in contact with your body or your firearm.

The design of the Holster ensures that it can be easily adjusted to accommodate left-handed or right-handed individuals. This allows for a natural draw and easy access to the holstered item allowing users to position the holster according to their dominant hand preference.

To maintain the optimal condition of the holster, it is generally recommended to avoid machine washing. Instead, it is advisable to clean the holster using alternative methods that minimize the risk of damage to the elastic material.